Great Northwest Challenge 2017.

GNC 2017 Overview

Rugby Oregon is proud to host the Great Northwest Challenge (GNC) on June 23rd and 24th (Friday/Saturday) 2017 in Corvallis Oregon. The Great Northwest Challenge is one of the five USA Rugby Regional Cup Tournaments, offering high level competition and exposure for age-grade student athletes. Oregon State University, located just minutes from the fields, will provide campus housing for all student-athletes. There will be an opportunity for athletes to tour the campus, meet with college coaches from across the country and enjoy other events.

The GNC is the first step in selection to the High School All-American teams (U17/U19 boys and U16/U19 girls) and USA Rugby U20 team. The GNC aims to showcase the very best talent for JV (Freshman and Sophomores) and Varsity (Juniors and Seniors) rugby players. “These Regional Cup Tournaments are not only a great way to showcase the quality of rugby at the high school level, but also a great way to bring the best players in the country together for selection to the high performance pathway,” USA Rugby High Performance Player Development Manager Luke Gross said.

Players from last year's GNC were selected for the All-American tour against Canada for both the girls and boys teams, and made up a significant fraction of the team. The GNC has a history of producing All-American selections. Even more impressive, our region sent six high school girls to the Rugby Europe Women's U18 7s Championships in Vichy, France (going 5-1 to finish second).

Boys High School All-American team

Girls High School All-American team

Venue - Crystal Lake Sport Fields.

The Great Northwest Challenge will again be held at Crystal Lake Sports Fields, located at 100 SE Fischer Ln, Corvallis, OR 97333. Food, beverages, and ice will be available at the tournament. Gatorade will be available on the sidelines of each field for both teams free of charge.
Please note - There is a charge for parking at Crystal Lakes. Exact change is appreciated. There is an ancillary lot a 5 minute drive from the fields and we will have a 15 passenger shuttle van should overflow parking be required.

The fields are minutes from the OSU campus. There will be an area for all teams to set up tents for the weekend and you may leave the tents up overnight.

College Fair.

This year's GNC will feature an increased focus on rugby in college with a College Fair Event Friday night. We invite all college and university representatives to join us at the GNC . Representation often means coaches but can also mean admissions officers or other college rugby program connection like alumni or players. College representatives will have special sideline access to observe matches during the day, a table at the College Fair to connect with players and parents as well as teams, rosters and schedules for the tournament, and rugby resumes of all rising seniors.

If you are a coach or representative of a college team interested in registering your school you can register using this link.

More details to be posted soon.

Team Documents.

Please see the registration page for details on the check-in process.

For Players

U18 USA Rugby Participation Waiver - Everyone must complete a participation waiver

U15 Waiver - High School players Under 15 must sign both the Under 15 and Under 18 Participation Waiver

Medical Consent Form - You may use this form OR you may use a local Medical Consent Form. Teams MUST provide a completed and signed copy at check-in. Players will NOT be allowed to participate without a completed/signed medical consent/authorization form.

Event Media Release Agreement

For Coaches and Managers

2017 Roster Submittal

Rosters for the 2017 Regional Cup Tournament will be submitted through the USA Rugby HiPer Database at For instructions and information to create your profile please go to Coach Profile Step by Step or Player Profile Step by Step

Heat Protocol

Crystal Lakes Emergency Plan


The High School Competition has been approved by USA Rugby and will be played according to the Laws and Regulations of the game as adopted by the International Rugby Board (IRB) U19 Variations at the time of Competition.

Each match will be 45 minutes in length with (2) 22.5 minute halves and 5 minute half time. All teams must report to the referee tent, unless otherwise arranged with the referee, 30 minutes prior to scheduled kick off for referee chats and to submit Game Roster with correct jersey numbers.

For the purposes of this document, the following will apply.

Replacements - replaces an injured player. Substitutions - substitutes a player for tactical reasons. There exist two exceptions if a player is substituted:

Exception 1: a substituted player may replace a player with an open or bleeding wound.

Exception 2: a substituted player may replace a front row player unless the referee has ordered uncontested scrums.

  1. A maximum of 8 substitutions per team per match will be allowed.
  2. If a team nominates 22 or more players, it must have at least six players who can play in the front row (loose head prop, hooker and tight head prop); if a team nominates more than 22 players there must also be three players who can play in the lock position. The onus to define a suitably trained and experienced player available for the front row is with the team management of this player.
  3. When a player is sent from the field of play under a red card, that is not a substitution. When a player is temporarily suspended under a yellow card and leaves the field of play that is not a substitution.
  4. Players serving a yellow card suspension will be seated in the technical zone at half-way. The player's period of suspension will be for a period of seven minutes.
  5. A player who has been substituted may replace an injured player.
  6. All of Law 3 shall apply with U-19 Variations.


The Grades 7 and 8 Boys Division will play a 10-a-side Variation of the Game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS - Each team must have no more than ten players on the playing area.

SUBSTITUTES - A team can substitute or replace any number of players during a match at any time. Players entering the field of play must do so at the half way line after the replaced or substituted player has left the field of play. This process will be managed through the Technical Zone Manager (TZM) allocated at each field.

MATCH DURATION - Each match will last 24 minutes with two 12 minute halves plus a 2 minute half-time. Match organizers reserve the right to decrease the duration of any match, particularly if player safety is a factor.

OVERTIME - there will be no overtime.

KICKS - Conversion kicks must be a drop kick. The kicker must take the kick within forty seconds of a try having been scored. The kick is disallowed if the kicker does not take the kick in the time allowed. All players of the opposing team must immediately assemble close to their own 10-metre line.

FOUL PLAY - When a player has been temporarily suspended, the player's period of suspension will be for a period of three minutes. The offending player will be seated at the half-way line.

KICK-OFF AND RESTART KICKS - After a score, the team that has scored kicks off with a drop kick which must be taken at, or behind, the centre of the half way line.

All the kicker's team must be behind the ball when it is kicked. If they are not, a free kick is awarded to the non-offending team at the centre of the half way line.

If the ball does not reach the opponents 10-metre line, a free kick is awarded to the non-offending team at the centre of the half way line.

The ball must land in the field of play. If it is kicked directly into touch, a free kick is awarded to the non-offending team at the centre of the half way line.

If the opposing team grounds the ball, or if they make it dead, or if the ball becomes dead by going into touch-in-goal, or on or over the dead ball line, a free kick is awarded to the non-offending team at the centre of the half way line.

SCRUM - A scrum is formed in the field of play when five players from each team, bound together in two rows for each team, close up with their opponents so that the heads of the front rows are interlocked. This creates a tunnel into which a scrum half throws the ball so that front row players can compete for possession by hooking the ball with either of their feet.

SCORING - Game Points

The following will be used to determine points earned during a match:

Win = 4
Tie = 2
Loss by 7 or less = 1
Scoring 4 trys in a match = 1
Loss by more than 7 = 0


Pool tie-breakers to determine placement into semifinal and final matches as well as to Saturday's pools:

  1. Head-to-head play
  2. Best points differential (points for less points against)
  3. Best try differential (trys for less try against)
  4. Least red cards received
  5. Least yellow cards received
  6. Most points scored
  7. Most trys scored
  8. Most trys converted
  9. Most penalty kicks scored

Match tie-breaker format:

  1. If the match is not decided in regulation time (ends in a tie score); the team with the greater number of tries will be declared the winner.
  2. If the match is still not decided (teams have equal number of tries), the team with the greater number of converted tries will be declared the winner.
  3. If the match is still not decided (teams have equal number of converted tries), the winner will be determined by a penalty shoot-out between the two teams to take place as follows:
  4. The kicks at goal should be part of the match and be the responsibility of the referee. The touch judges and match commissioner may help the referee. Before the kicks at goals, the two captains shall toss a coin to decide which goal posts to use and toss again to decide who will kick first. The match commissioner may move the penalty shoot-out to another field if necessary to the competition schedule.
  5. The first series will consist of three placed kicks taken on the 22 meter line in front of the posts.
  6. The kicks at goal will be taken, for each team, by each of the three players, nominated by the captains, who were on the field of play at the end of that match. In the event of an injury, a player initially nominated to kick, may be replaced however his/her replacement shall be a player who was on the field of play at the end of that match.
  7. The three players shall take turns to kick at goal. Teams will alternate: Team A, Team B, Team A, Team B, etc.
  8. In the event of a tie after the first series of kicks at goal, additional kicks shall be taken, still from the 22 meter line, in front of the posts, alternatively by each team, until one team has an advantage for the same number of kicks taken. Each of these additional kicks shall be taken by a different player who did not participate in the first series of kicks.
  9. For a Final Match still not decided by any of the prior determinants then both finalists shall become joint cup holders.



The Great Northwest Challenge is a USA Rugby Regional Cup Tournament that is part of USA Rugby's High Performance Pathway. The tournament is a selection vehicle for the USA All-American teams and offers an opportunity for college recruiters and players to connect.

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